How News Corp delivered Ladbrokes’ high-impact brand campaign programmatically using Bonzai’s TruSkin

How News Corp delivered Ladbrokes’ high-impact brand campaign programmatically using Bonzai’s TruSkin

TruSkin, a flexible and innovative ad format from creative management platform Bonzai, allowed News Corp to deliver Ladbrokes’ branded sponsorship campaign programmatically, with sophisticated targeting

Challenge: The high stakes of brand sponsorship

As one of the world’s leading betting and gaming companies, in early 2018 Ladbrokes partnered with News Corp to sponsor its AFL, NRL and US Sports verticals. Ladbrokes wanted to run a share of voice campaign across this broad range of verticals throughout Queensland, Tasmania, the ACT and South Australia.

The challenge for Ladbrokes was to engage the right audience with relevant, timely messaging. Ladbrokes also had a strong creative team and strict creative guidelines, so they needed a flexible solution to meet their specific creative needs.

Solution: A data-driven, high impact experience

News decided to run the digital component of Ladbrokes’ agreement through its programmatic trading desk, and turned to Bonzai’s TruSkin format as its flexible, high impact ad solution.

With TruSkin, News were able to run Ladbrokes’ high impact campaigns programmatically, which was a first-in-market opportunity and they could build API capabilities directly into the ad unit.

Further, because Bonzai’s TruSkin could be bought programmatically, Ladbrokes could use a data-driven creative strategy to deliver engagement through ‘live odds’ within the creative.

With TruSkin, Ladbrokes had greater control over their campaigns for each vertical and could use the creative to their advantage, while leveraging the power of programmatic, Digital Account Executive, Olivia Jackson said. Not only was Ladbrokes pleased, but we had other clients see the campaigns and come to us and say, wow, I would like something like this with such high impact.

Result: Winning performance

Since its launch in early 2018, the campaign has already delivered great brand awareness results for its first quarter.

  • The US sport vertical reached a CTR of 0.29 and viewability of 78.90
  • NRL vertical reached a CTR of 0.49 and viewability of 75.37
  • AFL vertical reached a CTR of 0.46 and viewability of 75.37

I would recommend Bonzai’s TruSkin format because it creates positive brand association through a highly viewable and interactive desktop placement that frames client content well – Olivia said.

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